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Utility Information
Electricity Water Garbage Sewer Natural Gas Phone Cell Phone Cable TV Internet Access


Provider - Salt River Project (SRP)
(602) 236-8888
Outside local area (including Canada) (800) 258-4SRP

Salt River Project known as SRP delivers electric power to the Red Mountain Ranch community.

SRP offers residents a choice of rate plans. The rates, effective updated June, 2004 (summer only) for the Basic and Time of Use Plans are shown in the tables below. Installation of a special meter is required to use the Time of Use Plan. There is no charge for this installation and you can change your mind - once.  SRP suggests the Time of Use Plan as suited for heavy users of electricity who can shift heavy use to non-peak hours. See the SRP website for details as well as information on other options such as  M-Power. Taxes are not included in the rates. Using SurePay to have payments automatically deducted from your bank account can save 1% off your bill.

Basic Rate Plan (E-23) Details




Fixed Monthly Charge



Variable Charge

All Usage

First 400 KWH

KHW over 400






Time of Use Plan (E-26)




Fixed Monthly Charge



Variable Charge


First 400 KWH

KWH over 400

Peak Hours



Other Hours




Peak Hours

M-F except Holidays 1-8 PM

M-F except Holidays 5-9 AM, 5-9 PM

Fuel and Purchased Power Adjustment Factor

The State of Arizona permits SRP to apply an adjustment factor to customer bills in the even of extraordinary fuel and purchased power costs. This is reviewed on a quarterly basis.

For the first time since rates went into effect in December, 2001, an adjustment was in effect for the November, 2002 bills. The factor is $0.00180/kWh, adding an average of 2.5% to residential customer bills

Water, Garbage, Sewer, Natural Gas (available in some areas)
Updated 11-23-02)

Provider - City of Mesa (Note all rates subject to 7.8% tax)
(480) 644-2221
Emergencies, after hours (480) 644-2262

("City of Mesa says you may find insects, even bees in your meter box. .These days, we even have to watch out for Africanized HoneyBees. Probably best not to go sticking your nose in your meter box anyway." - Arthur Heath)

Water, solid waste (garbage), and wastewater (sewer) services are provided to residents of Red Mountain Ranch by the City of Mesa. Natural gas is available in some areas.

Mesa rates as of September, 2000 are figured as below. Updated details:

Water (w1.4 rates)
$8.48 per month plus $1.70 per thousand gallons up to 12,000 gallons and $2.27 per thousand over 12,000 gallons. Surcharge of $.05 per thousand gallons as Red Mountain is in the Desert Sage Pressure Zone. In addition there is a State Superfund water use charge. Water is subject to a sales tax of 7.8%

Garbage - Solid Waste(r1.2, r1.21,r1.28 rates)
r1.2 One "
Black' barrel (90 gallon) garbage and one "Blue" barrel recyclables $17.75 per month
r1.21 extra "Black" or "Blue" barrels $8.00 per barrel per month
r1.28 "
Green " barrel (for landscape waste) $3.75 per month
Collection days:
Black: Wednesday Blue: Saturday Green: Saturday (separate from Blue barrel pickup)
Bulk item pickup is $12.50 per pickup.

"Print a "blue barrel flyer and stick it on your fridge to remind you what goes in the blue barrel. I don't want to find any rotten fish in one when I come by to peek at your recyclables", Arthur Heath.

Sewer - Wastewater (s1.1)
Determined by water usage during the four months December-March. The highest month is discarded. The other three are averaged. The monthly cost is then $5.44 (capital component) plus $1.74 (billing component) plus $.77 per thousand gallons of average winter monthly water usage, $1.42 per thousand gallons, for usage in excess of 5,000 gallons. (Billable water used represents 95 percent of a customers actual monthly metered water use.) Then usage charge is multiplied by 90 percent to factor out landscaping usage. The City of Mesa says a form may be completed to exclude water used for citrus trees if applicable. The monthly charge for the year ahead is determined at the end of March. New residents without a usage pattern are charged $18.02 per month until the winter water usage pattern is established
Example : Assuming the average( as determined above) winter water usage is 2,000 gallons. The charge would be $5.44+$1.74+.90%($.77 per thousand gallons)(2 thousand gallons).This total is $8.56.

Natural Gas (where available) rate g1)
May 1 through October 31
$7.00 Service Charge
$0.4837 per Therm, first 25 Therms
$0.1567 per Therm, all additional Therms
November 1 through April 30
$9.12 Service Charge
$0.4837 per Therm, first 25 Therms
$0.3564 per Therm, all additional Therms
Gas cost is to be added to all per Therm rates. See Adjustment 1 below
1. Subject to adjustments, based on the cost to the City's gas operations for the price of gas purchased, as
shown on the Tariff Adjustments sheet.
2. Plus the applicable proportionate part of any taxes or governmental impositions which are assessed on the
basis of the gross revenues of the City and/or the price or revenue from the gas or service sold and/or the
volume of gas generated or purchased for sale and/or sold hereunder.
"Therm" - that amount of gas having a heating value of 100,000 BTU (British Thermal Units).



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