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Cable TV

Provider - Cox Communications
(602) 277-1000

Cable television service is provided through a contract between Cox Communications and the Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association. The cost is reflected in the semi-annual payments made by home owners to the Association. 

As part of the standard service to Red Mountain Ranch, Cox provides residents with its "Cox Classic" level of service which includes its "Limited Basic", Expanded Service" and "Expanded Plus" services. It does not include premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, etc nor Pay Per View which are available separately or through packaged offerings. Cox
Digital Cable service (see below)is now also available to residents of Red Mountain Ranch. This service offers additional channels along with a promise of better reception as well as an online interactive program guide. 

"You want a dish instead? The CC&R's prohibit external antennas but federal regulations give residents certain rights to put up antennae for services not otherwise provided. The Owners's Association requires an application for review of such proposals" - Arthur Heath

Program listings for the Cox Mesa analog service or for other areas can be customized using various Internet sites including TV Guide and Gist .

 Digital Cable

Cox offers Digital Cable service in the Red Mountain Ranch area at a premium price (about $7 per month) with additional "tiers" of channels available at incrementally higher prices. The standard package for Digital Cable includes:

  • Discovery Networks (5 channels)
  • 45 channels of digital music
  • Interactive Program Guide

Available "Tiers" include Sports/Information, Movie, Variety and Telelatina. A single Tier is adds about $7 to the price of "standard" digital. For an additonal $5 one can get two more tiers.

Packaged pricing and special offers change so it's best to check with Cox to learn about the current offering.

Program Listings for the complete digital service are available online at sites such as Gist.

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