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East Mesa Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork


Grand Opening April 2004 and located on Mckellips between Greenfield and Higley

East Mesa Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
4801 East McKellips Rd #103C
Mesa, Arizona 85215
(480) 580-1429
Fax: (480) 898-1944


Angel M. Brant, LMMT of East Mesa Therapeutic Massage provided these comments about her new business.

    "Maybe what would be beneficial to the folks at Red Mountain Ranch is that I want them to know although I do offer spa services which mainly attract women, that my main focus is that of increasing Range of Motion through the uses of Scrupulous Massage therapy.

    I just find it terribly troubling that many of the area "spas" jack up the prices of therapy so high that it makes Massage go from something that is beneficial to somewhat of a luxury. I also noticed one of my competitors in the area uses Massage in a membership sort of way to where only the an "elite club" of members should be allowed to receive the benefits of Massage because they can afford it. That is simply ridiculous! I am not looking to undercut anyone's pricing or services just to get business. I am an advocate for great health without having to pay through the nose. Complimentary therapies like Massage should not empty your wallet! Because of a faithful clientele and a smaller office space, our overhead is kept low. We are able to offer reasonably priced therapies because we are ambitious for more clients that don't need their pocket's emptied by people who have to pay for a lavish, salon-like setting.

    A little background on myself would be to include that I am a licensed therapist and have been licensed with the City of Mesa for 4 years. I am a registered Aromatherapist and have a background in spa techniques and alternative therapies such as Barefoot Shiatsu, Chakra Therapy and Ayurvedics. I am certified LaStone therapist (compared to Hot Rock therapist without training) ) I also have "team mates" if you will, who offer therapies to people not commonly found in this area such as the "Belavi" facials and Japanese Accupressure Facials which are a great alternative to those seeking facial surgery. The Belavi is known throughout the finer salons in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Between my team and I we have a combined experience level of over 20 years in the field.

    At present we are in an office space that accommodates individuals in a manner akin to a doctor's office. Where one person is seen at a time. However we do offer companion therapies. This is a therapy where two people (husband/wife, two friends, etc) are seen and worked with simultaneously. Our pricing is "real" and is not introductory. The therapist(s) that work with you are trained with over 1200 hour of study and practice and at least 2 years of Massage experience.

    I would like to caution those of your readers who may be skeptical of Massage therapy because of the recent actions of those who have turned my Profession into an industry assimilated with prostitution. Each client will be expected to sign a client intake form when they are coming in for therapy/spa treatment. We take our business very seriously and do not tolerate anyone, male or female, who may act in any manner which is questionable to the therapist.

     Give me a call at (480) 580-1429 to set up your appointment. My office is open Monday - Friday from 9 -6 and Saturdays 8-6 by appointment only."


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