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Red Mountain Ranch
Owners Association

The Red Mountain Ranch homeowners association (HOA) is officially named Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association. It is professionally managed with offices near the community. Property owners in Red Mountain Ranch are governed by Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for the Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association as well as supplemental declarations which may exist for each parcel such as for Red Mountain Village.

Owners pay semiannual fees to Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association and may pay fees related to the parcel of the particular property. As of January, 2003, the semiannual payments to Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association were $269.50 ($539 for the year) and an owner of a parcel in the Red Mountain Villages area pays monthly payments of $50. The semiannual payments cover expenses incurred in maintaining the common areas of the development as well as insurance and management of the association. It also pays for cable television service provided to each residential unit

The monthly payments, in the case of Red Mountain Village pays for front yard landscaping maintenance for each unit, associated utilities, common area maintenance and administration.

Each residential unit is entitled to one vote in the Owners Association. There is one Class A voting voting class for the community.

Noteworthy Provisions of the CC&R's
New Construction Committee (NCC)
- exclusive jurisdiction over all original construction. Promulgates Design and Development Guidelines and Application and Review Procedures
Modifications Committee (MC) - "exclusive jurisdiction over modifications, additions, or alterations made on or to existing Residential Units or structures containing Residential Units and the open space if any.. The MC shall promulgate detailed standards and procedures governing its area of responsibility and practice." Changes affecting the exterior must be submitted to the MC committee for approval.
Pets - Limit of three (3) normal household pets. Other restrictions.
Aerials and Antennae - No external visible aerials and antennae without the approval of the NCC. Note that federal laws provide home owners some rights.
Signs - Limited to a real estate sign no greater than 4 square feet except as approved by NCC in writing or consistent with its design guidelines.
Vehicle Parking - Limited to garages and driveways except on a temporary basis. No exterior parking of boats, recreational vehicles, etc. Additional details listed.
Landscaping - Owners are obligated to landscape publicly visible areas of a property within six months of close of escrow for new homes, to maintain landscaping in a neat and attractive manner and to have any landscaping plans approved by the NCC. See declarations and guidelines for more detail.

Contact Information
Red Mountain Ranch Owners Association
4710 E. Falcon Field Dr., Suite 207
Mesa, Arizona 85215
(480) 981-6480
Fax (480) 981-2211
Don Debaca, General Manager
Val Fury, Assistant






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